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Winter Farmers Market 2022 -23

Brenda, Mike, Hunter and Marge at the All Good Organics Stand at the White Bear Lake Winter Farmers Market

All Good Organics is part of the Winter Farmers Market

November 12 – December 10 – January 14 from 10 AM to 2PM

Normandy Park Education Center in White Bear Lake, MN

2482 County Road F East, White Bear Lake MN 55110

Minnesota keeps frozen food frozen at the Winter Farmers Market! Squash and potatoes shown here! Lots more at the All Good Organics Farm Store!
Fresh from the fields rutabaga and squash!

Butch and the crew are bringing the All Good Organics Farm Store to the White Bear Lake Farmers Market, located at 2482 County Road F East, White Bear Lake MN 55110. Stop by and meet the crew and get some of the great certified organic, Minnesota Grown vegetables and more from All Good Organics. Butch is a local farmer in Centerville. He offers the certified organic vegetables, canned goods, potatoes, whole and frozen, along with a wide variety of other vegetables(in season), eggs and canned products such as: a wide variety of pickles, tomato juice, pasta sauces. Jams and Jellies are also in the farm store!

All Good Organics serves White Bear Lake, Blaine, Hugo, Lino Lakes, Centerville, North Oaks, Vandnais Heights and Shoreview. Give them a call or place an online order, they deliver!

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Cucumber to Pickles at All Good Organics

Hunter and Butch checking out the fresh pickles!

Hunter and Butch Cardinal have been making pickles of many flavors for their customers for a long time! This father and son team, along with the crew, harvest the certified organic cucumbers for starters. Then the cucumbers are washed and prepared for canning. You can be assured of the quality that goes into every jar!

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Certified Organic Vegetables

There’s fresh from the field organic and certified organic vegetables inside the All Good Organics Farm Store.

Butch keeps the fresh from the field well stocked with the help of the farm crew year round! The store is open seven days a week from 7 AM until just past sunset. Customers can also order online and pickup at the All Good Organics Farm Store. Certified organic vegetables fill the store. Fun foods like popcorn is just one of the unique products you will find at the store! Kohlrabi is another that most people have not heard about and find it a delicious addition to their snacks and meals!

Fresh lettuces of all kinds, radishes and so much more are standards in the store.

Delivery is available if you check it out with Butch! All Good Organics delivers to: Lino Lakes, Centerville, Hugo, White Bear, Blaine, North Oaks, Vadnais Heights and Shoreview.

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Watering at All Good Organics

Butch watering the fields this summer with All Good Organics’ new watering truck!

The heat this summer added an extra hourly chore for Butch at All Good Organics! Watering, watering and watering the certified organic vegetables continually throughout the long hot summer! Local farmers like Butch know how best to make sure the vegetable plants are well cared for. In between the usual daily chores and while the truck was filling up Butch attended to the All Good Organics’ Farm Store. Just another day on the farm for Butch and crew!

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24 Below – Chores at All Good Organics

Regardless of weather or temperature, chores got to get done at All Good Organics Farm! One cool morning when it was 24 below zero, the compost pile needed attending. Although the temperature outside was so cold, the temperature inside the compost pile was about 150 degrees above zero! Adding moisture, snow, to the compost and turning it, helps breakdown the composting content. This compost is used during the season to replenish the soils on the All Good Organics Farm. No worries, Butch had a hot cup of coffee to keep him warm!